Baltimore Inner Harbor Restaurants

Inner Harbor Restaurants

Baltimore is a food lover’s paradise! There is a surplus of culinary talent here, provided by the talented culinary arts students of Baltimore International College. The many local authentic Baltimore Inner Harbor restaurants are filled with creative and delightful cuisines. The most famous dishes here revolve around seafood and the Chesapeake Blue Crabs. Taste a bushel of blue crabs steamed in beer, water, vinegar and Maryland’s one of a kind Old Bay Seasoning. This is a Marylander’s delicacy, followed by broiled Trout, Bass, and Orange Ruffie.

For those who do not like, or are allergic to seafood, Baltimore has superb Italian dishes in Little Italy, Polish & European meals in Fells Point, and Middle Eastern & Asian cuisines in Mt. Vernon. If you have a sweet tooth, this is also the home of many bakeries with the best pastry chefs that culinary colleges have to offer. Take a short walk to a local café, enjoy a cup of gourmet coffee and dive into a piece of triple chocolate mousse layer cake.

Take a look at the numerous options for Baltimore Inner Harbor restaurants listed below, you will find meals and prices that satisfy any craving and work with any budget. You will be able to taste a piece of Maryland at the Inner Harbor or throughout the nearby local neighborhoods of Fells Point, Mt. Vernon and Federal Hill. This is how food was meant to taste.

Pleasure your taste buds with any of the selections we have to offer: Flemings, Charleston, Capital Grille, Pazo, Kali’s Court, Little Havana, Gertrudes, Miss Shirley’s, The Prime Rib, HarborQue and much more!

Baltimore Inner Harbor Restaurant Week takes place in mid-summer. Come visit the culinary event and extravaganza that has Baltimoreans’ mouths watering. Check out the participating restaurants!. Indulge yourself in the tastes of Baltimore!

For more information on the food and restaurants in Baltimore Inner Harbor, be sure to check out the following pages:

  • Little Italy: With over 20 Italian restaurants to choose from, Little Italy is a do not miss for any Italian food lover.
  • Steamed Crabs: It’s what Baltimore and Inner Harbor is famous for!
  • Harborplace: Tons of restuarants to choose from when you’re ready to take a break from shopping.

With thousands of options to choose from, you’re sure to find something for everyone!