Baltimore Inner Harbor Restaurants

When it comes to Baltimore and Inner Harbor, there is one food they are famous for and that is steamed crabs! Seafood – especially crabs – are a favorite that are enjoyed by both tourists and locals. In the Chesapeake Bay, you can find all types of crab delights, including but not limited to fried soft-shell crabs, plump Baltimore crab cakes, crab sandwiches, Chesapeake Bay Crab ravioli, and of course, the classic and delicious steamed crabs. Be sure to also try the steamed crabs with fiery Old Bay seasoning – you won’t want to miss it.

Although you can get crabs in Chesapeake Bay and Baltimore all year long, the prime crab season is between May and November, with the best time being around September and October. Because many restaurants throughout Baltimore, Inner Harbor and Chesapeake Bay offer crabs, there is something available within everybody’s budget, so you won’t have to miss out on this delicious treat.

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If you’re a lover of crabs, you won’t be disappointed when you visit Baltimore – the city with the Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab as its unofficial mascot. They don’t call it the city of steamed crabs for nothing!