Between Fells Point and the Inner Harbor in downtown Renaissance Baltimore is where you will find Little Italy. Founded in 1849, many Italians still reside in Little Italy although it is no longer 100% Italian. The neighborhood is a great place to experience Italian culture. Reach it by water taxi a few blocks away or via the FREE Charm City Circulator. By foot, Little Italy is within walking distance of Fells Point, the Inner Harbor; but a solid walk from Camden Yards.

Little Italy, Baltimore has almost 30 restaurants, trattorias, bakeries and bars from which to choose authentic Italian cuisine. You can smell the food wafting through the air as you stroll its quaint streets. “The Neighborhood” also offers many events year-round such as Columbus Day Parade in October, Open Air Film Fest on Fridays in July/August and Ravioli Dinners in March and November.

Visitors can also enjoy the bocce courts (open to public) and/or watching bocce leagues play during the week. In June, the neighborhood is filled with festival attendees for the Feast of Saint Anthony and in August for the Feast of Saint Gabriel. Visitors who wish to worship may do so at Saint Leo the Great Roman Catholic Church (Sat 4:30pm; Sunday 9:30 / 11:30 am). Little Italy also houses many non-tourist related businesses and a culinary institute. Who needs a passport to visit Italy? Just stop by Piccola Italia – Little Italy – during your next visit to the Inner Harbor!

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