If you’re an animal lover who plans on visiting the Inner Harbor area sometime soon, the National Aquarium is one attraction you just can’t miss. With over 660 animal species species of animals and 16,500 specimens, it is impossible to get bored. The National Aquarium of Baltimore is home to all types of living creatures, including amphibians, reptiles, fish, mammals, invertebrates, birds, and a variety of Australian animals. This Baltimore, Inner Harbor aquarium provides a fun and exciting learning experience for everyone; from families, children, adults, couples and to the solo traveler, the National Aquarium of Baltimore won’t leave you disappointed.

If you’re a lover of dolphins, you won’t want to miss The Dolphin Show at the National Aquarium. This fun show features an exciting performance from a number of Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins that will awe and amaze everyone in the entire family. For something a little more on the adventurous side, be sure to check out Animal Planet Australia: Wild Extremes. This attraction takes you out of Inner Harbor and into a whole new country, without having to go to the other side of the world. Made up of over 65,000 of square feet, this attraction features almost anything you would encounter in Australia – including wildlife, nature ,and animals, food, culture, and much more. Let’s not forget about the National Aquarium’s amphibians!

Other destinations to check out in Inner Harbor include: