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Baltimore Inner Harbor Nightlife

Baltimoreans know how to have fun and drink! You can find live music, a Baltimore comedy club, dancing, sports bars, local pubs, and an IMAX theater. Inner Harbor nightlife will sweep you away with laughter and you will have the time of your life. You will feel the electric vibe of the city once you go out and see the nightlife.

Popular Places To Enjoy Baltimore Inner Harbor Nightlife Include:

This will be the vacation you compare all other vacations to. Why? Because it is not what just you see here in Baltimore, it is also the people you encounter. They might work all day, but when night falls, the energy of the city is vibrating. A belief here is that life is to be lived to the fullest! Come to Baltimore and find there is more than just working and once a year vacations. Every weekend is like a vacation. Can you imagine no more weekend chores and only relaxing, enjoying food, a nice Baltimore comedy club, drinks, tavern microbrews, lots of friends and a relaxing time at an IMAX theater? Inner Harbor will provide a wonderful vacation and nightlife extravaganza!

Sports fans will settle down in their local sports bars to watch the Baltimore Ravens tackle down their opponents or the Baltimore Orioles strike out the opposing baseball team. You can find some of these sports pubs at the docks in Fells Point where there is an abundance of busy and exciting taverns.

The ultimate attraction is the Inner Harbor, where the Power Plant Live nightlife takes place with an array of bars, clubs, live music and ESPN sports. Parking here is easy; either valet your vehicle or park it in the Harbor Park garage. Power House live is located at the intersection of Water Street and Market Place downtown. This is the place of neon lights, hard rock, and entertainment. This is a spot you will not want to miss!

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