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Things to Do in Baltimore Inner Harbor

Events, festivals, sports, museums, an aquarium, shows, and more. Captivate yourself into the culture of Baltimore’s many ethnicity’s. The locals have festivals for every holiday and more. If you miss their holiday festivals, then take in a sports game at the PSI Stadium or Camden Yards near downtown Baltimore. However, you can make a full day at the Baltimore Zoo, Baltimore Inner Harbor Aquarium, or any of the many museums. Come explore Baltimore and the Inner Harbor, find plenty of activities and local events to enjoy during your vacation such as a day spa, Baltimore bus tour and more.

The following links offer detailed information on Baltimore Inner Harbor’s most popular destinations for fun activities:

There are exhibits, concerts, live music, shopping and much more waiting for you here in the crown jewel of Baltimore. Come celebrate with us at our Irish festival or Preakness festival. Catch a concert at Pier Six Pavilion that ranges from Classical, Rock, R&B or Jazz. You will be mesmerized and amazed by the Pier Six Pavilions acoustics.

Plan your trip around a Baltimore or Inner Harbor festival and you will have more of a vacation for you and your family. Take a step back in history with a Baltimore bus tour through the neighborhoods of Mt. Vernon, Federal Hill, and Fells Point! See and taste the culture of 300 years of history and how the different waves of immigrants have shaped this city. Come to the Inner Harbor and experience American history first hand. Eat, drink and be merry! Click here for more local events!

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Featured Attractions in Baltimore Inner Harbor