Built in 1854, the USS Constellation is the last Civil War vessel afloat, and the last all-sail warship that was built by the US Navy. The USS Constellation was returned to the Inner Harbor on July 2, 1999 after years of restoration. Be sure to visit this historic wonder during your next trip to the Inner Harbor.

The enthusiastic and knowledgeable crew will provide you with all kinds of information involving the ship’s missions to disrupt the slave trade and other history. There is also a variety of presentations and tours available, so even if you have visited the USS Constellation before, there is always a new way to experience it.

Some of the tours available at the USS Constellation include the Black Sailors in Navy Blue Tour, the Powder Monkey Tour, Ship-as-a-Machine tour, and To Catch a Thief: Constellation Fights the Slave Trade. These tours focus on different aspects of the USS Constellation and offer different pieces of historical information, as well as hands-on activities. Groups of 10 or more can take advantage of the guided shipboard group tours that are available. All tours are about one hour in length.

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With admission to the USS Constellation comes a variety of free, educational, and fun presentations. Each presentation ranges from 20-30 minutes. Anchor lifting, Civil War dining, hauling the lines, and mid-19th century naval cannons are some of the many things that visitors can learn about, as well as re-live in a hands-on, interactive